Know Your Whitening Serum Before You Buy It

There are so many whitening serums that you can buy on the market. However, you can’t choose your serum randomly, or you may end up with the fake products that may bring harm to your skin. Make sure that you only choose a trusted product just like the fairnpink, in order to get the best and the safest result for your beloved skin.

Make sure that you’re checking its contents. The arbutin is mandatory, due to it’s the standard and the most effective whitening ingredient for the human skin. Then you may need the one which contains the glutathione, due to this one will protect your skin from the free radicals. Additionally, the most recommended whitening serum contains the betel leaf extract, and it helps to prevent any kind of skin irritation that might happen if you’re using the non-recommended products. So, make sure you’re knowing about your whitening serum’s ingredients the next time you’re going to buy it to get the whiter and brighter skin.