ASI offers online hotel reservation software for hotel websites

A reservation clerk must have the ability on the basis of the reservation, the hotel PMS, hotel software, products and services sold, how to sell or selling techniques, and the use of communication technologies such as, Reservation is a booking request process and other facilities desired by prospective guests for a certain period. If you are a traveler who travels frequently, you may be more likely to experience any unforeseen circumstances, which require you to cancel your trip. So, you chose to have the flexibility to cancel your room when something unexpected occurs. These additional features can result in extra charges, sometimes up to 50% of the room price is non-refundable.

A reservation can be said if the warranty has been given as collateral in the form of pre-payment is a payment made by a number of potential guests for the price of the room and facilities were booked during the stay before they use the facility or occupy the room. Contract deal is a guarantee accompanied by the hotel with an enterprise, a form of cooperation in which the company agreed to pay a sum to the hotel room. The payment was made when the rooms are used or not used.