Umrah Packages based on the Capacity of Hotel Rooms

Umrah packages with a wide selection of attractive facilities are offered by many umrah travel agents umrah packages. A number of alternatives are offered to people who wanted to perform pilgrimage and packed in a package that suits your needs and cost or funding available.

Based on the capacity of the hotel room which can be occupied by pilgrims, umrah packages can be divided into three, namely quard, triple and double.

– Quard Package
The quard package is a pilgrimage trip to the facilities of the hotel rooms filled for 4 people that it is usually reserved for the pilgrims who do not bring their families, their wives or children.

– Triple Package
As for the triple package, it is a facility of the hotel rooms filled with 3 people. Usually, it is aimed at parents and their one child.

– Double package
This is a facility of the hotel rooms filled with two people. Usually, it is intended for pilgrims of a husband and a wife only.