Using Motif Line To Decorate Room

Many have no idea if a pattern of lines is often applied to the clothes and the clothes can also be used to make the space look more beautiful and attractive dining room ideas. Patterns are often called with this stripey motif can be used to give color pattern on a wall or a variety of furnishings and furniture in the room.

If you are interested in using a pattern of lines to decorate the room, there are three systems the application can use the system of horizontal or landscape and system of vertical and thirdly the system of diagonal, but other than that there is no one system more to integrate all these concepts into a single unit that you can use as dining room ideas.

Vertical lines on the wall to create the impression that the higher in space, so it is suitable to be applied on the room that has a shorter size then for lines created horizontally to present the impression of a wider and long and wide. For a room that has a smaller size and narrow it is advisable to implement this system.