Visitor visa vs. transit visa

Before considering requisitos para visa de turista para estados unidos, it would be better to know types of visas. There are several kinds of visas required when doing the different things in another country (not your own country). Yes, business and travel work are the most common reasons to have a visa. Since each country has the different requirement and different process, it is very important to understand it, so you will not face the problem when staying in the destination country for a few months.

The first type of available visas out there is the tourist visa. Some people call it visitors visa. This type of visa is the visa required by the host country to allow individuals to access the country for visiting purpose. With the limitation time to stay at the destination, you should fly back to your own country. In general, some visas only grant a maximum 10-days, while others allow you to stay up to 90 days in the USA. If you say that you know nothing about visa regulation and rules, try to find them on the website of the embassy of a host country. You can also access the website of U.S. state department. The most info you get, the most chance you have to understand the process of visitor visa application.

Not familiar with transit visa? This is required by some countries for emphasizing the political security. Before applying for this type of visa, it is very important to know that the stay must be a waiting period for another plan. You can also have this visa to transfer to bus, car, or train. When you come to the certain country for transit only, make sure you have the transit visa if the country requires it or you will be faced with a serious problem.